Bluetooth and WiFi Carrier Card

Anybody working on a BlueTooth and/or WiFi carrier card please. Would be interested in the card for potential usage with different sensors.

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My design for a WiFi carrier is almost complete. It’s for internal use, but if you’re interested, let me know. As of now, the serial comms is via I2C. If you desire a USB port, I would need to add it now. The next spin of the design will have one as standard, but since we do not require it, I didn’t start with USB in mind. Carrier board uses ESP32.


Hello Poem,

I would be interested. If you are going to use the ESP32, then BLE would be available as well. Does you happen to know the road map for BLE 5.0 with respect to ESP32 please. In any case I am interested in the board.

Appreciate you getting in touch with me.



There is a ESP32-C3 with BLE 5. Introducing ESP32-C3 | Espressif Systems

The board is designed and laid out; working title is Bluebird. Here’s a rendering. It is essentially the ESP32-Wrover dev kit with a notecard slapped on. No pricing info yet, but should be ~$100-$150. BLE-5 will be available on the next spin. Pinout assignments available on request. Board size will expand slightly to accommodate mounting holes. All interfaces available on the Wrover kit are available on the Bluebird.

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