Can someone clarify the "device and events map"?


How does the device and events map feature work? Do the devices appear on a map, and if so, can the maps be shared?


Mike C.

Hey @mikec,

The Map view is part of the Notehub Development tier. The map shows all of your devices’ locations, and you can customize it to show the type of locations (best / gps / triangulated / cell tower).

The map is only available within Notehub, so it cannot be shared unless you change your settings to make your entire Notehub project to be publicly viewable.


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Pity that the map functionality display is not publicly accessible and open source, so we all could use that for displaying our data.

Why are the limitations in place for the free accounts?

Rob Oudendijk

Hi Rob, I use Datacake to route my data from Notehub and you can create nice maps. You can use it for free but it only keeps your data 7 days. It works realy well for my needs (display data, share display, automatic export, alarm configuration).