Card version incorrect

I upgraded two notecards from 1.5.6 to 3.3.1
card.version says 3.3.1 still says 1.5.6

the other 3 notecards I updated did not have this issue.

Hey @Francois, that’s odd. Can you confirm that those two were able to successfully sync and yet still reported on firmware 1.5.6?

Hey @bsatrom – one of the two cards after a few reboots finally must have synced and updated the hub. That leaves one reluctant card. on card.wireless command I get something I haven’t seen before:
‘status’:'connect delayed (60 min remaining): opening notehub: invalid handler information issued by the service (service)(extended-service-failure).
card.status says (normal)
it is a CAT-M1 like several others.
The weird part is that if there was no connectivity… how could the notecard have upgraded itself from 1.5.6 to 3.3.1 (as reported by card.wireless)?

From the looks of that message, the Notecard had connectivity long enough to download the binary, but lost it during or after the update. So the update was successful (hence the correct card.wireless report) but the device had not yet had a chance to reconnect to Notehub to report as such.

Did the device move during or after the update? Is it still offline?

Strangely, the device hasn’t moved at all. I did a card.restart, made no difference.
hub.sync.status reports same invalid handler.
Another device same room is working just fine.
reset notecard to factory my last option?

Hey @Francois please don’t do a factory reset yet. It would be helpful if you could capture a full trace from power-up using the instructions here and then send me the output via PM or email.