Connecting a WiFI notecard via a captive portal

Hello all,
I have a device working fine outdoors with a cellular Notecard. But now I’m working with the same device inside a school building that has non-existent cellular reception. I have a WiFI Notecard and I just got permission and credentials from the school IT folks to allow me to connect to their WiFI network, but their process involves logging in via a captive portal sign-in screen on a browser.

I’ve searched the Blues documents and forum for any guidance about how to handle a situation like that, but found nothing. I do see some more general recommendations out there about spoofing MAC addresses with a Mac/PC and then doing a sort of hand-off between devices, but that seems a bit sketchy. So I’m checking in here to see if anyone has experience using the WIFI notecard in such a scenario and to solicit some guidance and/or referral to any relevant documentation.


Hi @noforan,

Unfortunately the Notecard WiFi is unable to connect via a captive portal, only by specifying the AP/password.


Thanks Rob. I think I may try this other method that I read about (somehow swapping MAC addresses with a PC) and if I do, I’ll update this post with the result.