GSM notecard cant sync with notehub

In my recent experience with the NOTE-NBGL using an external SIM card and firmware version, I encountered an issue. Initially, it successfully synced twice, but thereafter, it failed to sync.

Here’s the configuration I used:

  "req": "card.wireless",
  "apn": "",
  "mode": "auto",
  "method": "secondary"

I attempted various modes such as nb, m, gprs, and auto, but unfortunately, none of them resolved the syncing problem.

What’s puzzling is that when I remove the same SIM card and insert it into my phone, it functions normally and allows me to browse the internet without any issues. I also tested the SIM card with my Wi-Fi router, and it worked flawlessly. The perplexing part is why it’s not working with the NOTE-NBGL.

Hi @Pius4109,

It looks like your configuration is correct - can you please post the response to a card.wireless request here? It may also be useful to capture a trace log so we can see the details of what’s happening when you try to sync.


Hi Rob it seems to be working now, I put the notecard in continuous mode, so I just need to wait for it to get connected and when it gets connected the connection persists. I don’t know why it working now, but I am glad it is. I unplugged and plugged and it still works, I even tried another location and it still worked. Sorry for the disturbance. but if you still want to see the response of card.wireless here it is

“apn”: “”,
“status”: “{network-up}”,
“mode”: “auto”,
“count”: 3,
“net”: {
“iccid”: “89011704278852061581”,
“iccid_external”: “89234010004831814057”,
“imsi”: “310170885206158”,
“imsi_external”: “621300466354859”,
“imei”: “867730051840720”,
“modem”: “BG95M3LAR02A03_01.006.01.006”,
“band”: “GSM 1800”,
“rat”: “gsm”,
“rssir”: -83,
“rssi”: -84,
“sinr”: -20,
“bars”: 3,
“mcc”: 621,
“mnc”: 30,
“lac”: 20027,
“cid”: 57265
“method”: “secondary”

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I’ve been grappling with this issue for the past three days, and today, I just made a couple of “method” to “secondary” and placed the Notecard in continuous mode. Initially, this didn’t work, but later on, unexpectedly it began to work. I apologize for any inconvenience caused.