How do you get the SSID and Password for the Wifi notecard

I was sent a WiFI Notecard and I cannot seem to locate the SSID and Password anywhere to be able to login? I have it connected to a notecarrier-a and I am aware and have tried both the browser CLI and the Smartphone access.
What am i missing?
Steve K

Hi @skruglewicz!

The SSID and password are defined by the Wi-Fi access point that you wish to connect Notecard Wi-Fi to. The process is quite similar to how you access Wi-Fi on your phone or computer - you’ll need to know the SSID, which is typically broadcast, and the password, which is typically kept secret. The password may be written on the back of the router, or provided by the owner of the Wi-Fi access point.

Once you’ve identified the SSID and password of your access point, this guide shows you how to configure Notecard Wi-Fi to connect to your access point.

I hope that helps!

thank you . I should have relized that it was my router that I needed to login to. I now have my notecard connected through my WiFi router to my account on NoteHub. Now onto the next tutorial on using the Swan MCU.
Thank you for you help
Steve K

My pleasure! Great to hear you’re able to move forward!

If there’s anything else we can help with feel free to reach out.