KiCad Footprint missing 62, 64 pins?

Help me understand that I am not losing my mind. I have the kicad footprints from blues.

As you can see here there are clearly supposed to be 62,64 pins for rx and tx. However, the footprint provided does not have this. When I connected them to a resistor and updated the brd there are 0 connections going to this resistor. So I am thinking this footprint is wrong.

How I found this is I was trying to source a different connector, specifically:

Hey @ril3y you’re not losing your mind. I just took a look and you’re correct, the footprint is incorrect. The good news is that we are in the process of kicking off an effort to create KiCAD files for all of our Notecarriers, so we should be able to address this soon. I’ll keep you posted.

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WHEW! I suspect you guys should remove those footprints asap! I am glad we didnt make a board with them. We are going to use jlcpcb for our prototypes. That being said is there any documentation I can look at that will get me to the right pins for the module to the type-m m.2 connector? I linked in some connectors that I think will work and are in stock! So I just need some known good docs to match up the pins to the footprints.


Hey @ril3y you’re best bet is to refer to the pin information in the Notecard datasheet alongside the schematic for one of our Notecarriers in the note-hardware repo, like the Notecarrier B.

Beyond those resources, we’d be happy to do a detailed schematic and layout review for you before you spin your board. Feel free to shoot me an email at once you’re ready, we can take a look at your design, and provide another set of eyes on it.



This would be great. I know it’ll be hard for you to give an ETA but are we talking weeks vs months?

I’m also in the process of creating my own board but not as far along as ril3y.

@ril3y I found the schematics on the GitHub repo Brandon linked super helpful as you can look at the schematics for all the carriers and get an idea how to set things up.

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@abari definitely weeks, and we’ll release the designs as we complete them, as opposed to waiting for all to be complete before putting them up.


That’s great, looking forward to it. Thanks.

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Did these ever get fixed?


Hi @ril3y , yes these were fixed in the recent KiCad port of the Notecarrier designs. For example, you can find the updated symbol and footprint in the Notecarrier-B project here:

The library itself is not public at the moment, but the footprint is easy to extract from the projects. To save you the trouble, I’ve also uploaded the symbol, footprint and model as a zip here:

You can take a look at the other Notecarrier ports for some variations on this footprint too, and let me know if you see anything missing.