Missing Request In Documents

Hello everyone.
This is my very first post. Thank you guys for making this nice device.
I was playing with it and I realized something. I hope I am not missing anything.
I was looking for a way to see what is going on while the device is just sitting on my desk (some kind of log/trace feature).
I found this link and I have tried it with a USB connection it works perfectly well.
But if I make a serial port connection without USB, it doesn’t work. I don’t get any trace logs.
And most importantly, it doesn’t exist in API page.
What exactly am I missing?
I have NOTE NBNA-500 and Notecarrier-A

Hi @yldzmuhammed and welcome to the Blues community!

There are additional instructions in this forum post on using AUX RX/TX to capture trace logs. Also, we have a guide on debugging a Notecard using the FTDI TTL-232R-RPI debug cable if that helps.


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