New Board Connection Issue

I’m brand new to blues devices and having some issues getting my first board connected. I’m using a Notecarrier - F and following the quickstart guide. Everything in the guide seems straightforward and easy to follow and I’m getting all the responses from my board until I get to the {“req”:“hub.sync.status”} function. Instead of getting back the response shown in the guide, I’m getting {
“status”: “waiting for first sync”,
“sync”: true
I’ve run the functions several times. I left the board connected overnight and I tried moving it to different areas with better reception. Any ideas for what I need to do to get my device connected?

Hey @jpertile,

Welcome to the Blues community! Sorry you’re having issues as I know this can be super frustrating :slightly_frowning_face:

We just published a guide to diagnosing cellular connectivity: Diagnosing Cellular Connectivity Issues - Blues Wireless Developers. Can you try looking through that guide and seeing if anything helps?

If that fails, you can try running sync-trace from the in-browser terminal, and sending that log to That command runs a sync with a bunch of extra logging enabled, and we can often use that to help determine what’s up.

Let us know how it goes :crossed_fingers: