Notecarrier AE I/O 5v compatible?

Hi, are the AE carrier edge pins 5v compatible? Webpage says yes, but looking at the schematic I see 3.3V VIO and series resistors… so is 5v tolerant but only drives at 3.3V?

Hi @ndavey and welcome to the Blues Wireless community!

We don’t support 5V on any pin (even if they happen to be 5V tolerant). This is especially important to consider in case we use different parts in the future that are not 5V tolerant. Please always use level shifters/converters when you need to support 5V logic.


Hi Rob,
Thanks… new to Blues gear…
I think this product files a specific hole in one of my applications…

Thanks for clarifying… I didn’t want to break it hence the question…
The website seems to imply it does (Notecarrier Datasheet - Blues Wireless Developers) (under features)… but didn’t see anything of the sort of the carrier bar series resistors…


Is there any usage notes or guidance for using the Notecarrier’s (AE in my case) in application? example clearance around the antennas, mounting onto PCB’s etc?