SILabs serial driver on Apple Silicon

When I tried to install the silabs driver, the kext was blocked and informed me it needed to be updated. I am on a new MacBook Air using Apple M1 chip (ARM). Do we believe the silabs driver works on this hardware? Has anyone had success?

Hi @jhludwig and welcome to the Blues Wireless community!

I also happen to have an M1 Mac and cross my fingers every time I install something new. I was able to install the CP210x drivers, but I did have to explicitly allow installation in System Preferences → Security & Privacy:

Did you get this far? Or was your issue post-installation?

thanks. I got there and it still didn’t work. but finally after several reboots I was able to see the serial port and connect to the device. I seem to be able to download a sample program to the carrier/feather but I just get noise back on the serial line when I try to run it. switching cables now…

Ah interesting…please let me know how this works out for you.

thanks I am good now. part of my problem was also Arduino noobness, it has been probably 7 years since I picked up an Arduino. thanks

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