Help debugging MQTT using

I’ve set up multiple feeds via other plateforms, but can’t get notehub to work. I did the test to, and see those messages, but get nothing, and no error or logging of any kind on notehub. I do get “connection successful!” msg, but see no log events and no mqtt errors. Open to any suggestions.

Hi @ljsweeny,

Navigate to your route in Notehub and take a look at the Logs tab and inspect the status/details of the request to If you’re not seeing anything being routed, that would mean your route is disabled or there is a route setting that is preventing relevant events from being sent.


I did a quick test(see screenshots) With the and seems to work fine. Did you set up the route with " General HTTP/HTTPS Request/Response"?

Rob Oudendijk


For simple testing, you could use the simulated in a browser. Enter your product information and trace the output.