MQTT Routes Debugging

Are there any tools available for debugging MQTT routes?

I have set the MQTT route as I would to connect with a different tool (for example straight from Node-Red), but so far I am not connecting to the target platform … is there any way to see the outbound request from notehub to the target, or to see protocol level error messages to debug the connection issues?


Also, does the “Events” monitoring show any info on outbound from noteshub to northbound connection success?

Also, does the outbound data get transformed in any way, or is the MQTT uploaded payload exactly the same as the JSON object uploaded from the notecard?

I have configured an MQTT route to an existing MQTT broker. I started out with a simple solution - no TLS. Fill out:

route name = whatever
route type = MQTT
mqtt broker url = mqtt://[your broker url or IP address]
mqtt port = 1883
mqtt username = [leave blank]
mqtt password = [leave blank]
mqtt topic = test
I test with

Once you have a connection this way, then go on to a more complex solution


Thanks for posting @nicbkw and welcome to the community. We’re glad to have you here!

I didn’t know about MqttX, looks cool!