Lorawan Gateway reset

Hey (probably Rob)!
I recently got my lorawan starter pack and it all looks great, but I did something a little stupid…

I reset the lorawan gateway. I couldn’t log in to it, so I just assumed one of my colleagues had got to it before me and set a username/password and had forgotten to document it.

Only after resetting it did I learn that it was pre-provisioned with the things network stack and I would have to recreate the steps. It isn’t a simple process by any means, but I could not get past the part where, when registering a gateway on the things stack it gives an error message that the Gateway EUI is ‘already being used by another client’. Even if I go through the whole process manually it doesn’t work.

Is there a way to flash the gateway or something to restore it to its original pre-provisioned state? There’s an option on the gateway to restore by uploading a previous configuration file.
I’m sorry I created this headache to begin with.

Hey @JordanEdwards I can help you here, actually. Can you PM me your Gateway EUI and I’ll get you set back up.

Right on. God bless you, Brandon. I have my gateway EUI, but can’t seem to find how to send a PM on this platform. I sent it to your gmail, but I can send it somewhere better if you tell me how. Thanks in advance!

Hey Jordan, I just emailed you the instructed you need to get going again. Mail me back if you need any additional help!

You sir, are a life saver!

Thanks so much - it worked :slight_smile:

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